Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Cat Lady Cometh

The most recent 'look' posted on my account was, once again not so premeditated and more something that was quick and convenient. I mean, in a part of the country that dwindles at around 10°C for the most part, the first week of October in not the time to be expecting a heatwave hotter than the highs of Summer. I guess this outfit was about convenience, yes, but it was also the result of my desperation to slip in to my winter wardrobe and refusing to let the weather have it's wicked way with me. 

'Aren't you hot in that black dress, dear?'
'Yes, I'm positively melting, but at least I'm wearing the right season mother"
*sniffs snootily in the direction of canary hued sundress*
Ok, that didn't really happen. That's just my inane and ever-present inner voice, yes, just a surreal little monologue. I honestly couldn't give two figs if I'm wearing the right season or not. I. Just. Like. Black. Okay? - and what not a better excuse to wear it than the inky cloak of acceptance that is A/W? Fashion tells me that by all means wear your chokers, your leather, latex, corsets and chains, and your cat eye glasses, beehive and smock dress might all nod to the Sixties, but you're wearing black, you bad, bad girl. But I guess that's okay too because it's fetish, it's S+M, it's Zhee-vahn-she. See how I did that though? I turned something which was not consciously 'on-trend' in to, well, something that was, is. Praise the Lord, I'm cool.

Needless to say, I was a little bit impressed with my hair that day. My first attempt at the lady-like chignon. Which is a lot simpler than you might think to create. I have a 'how-to' scan from Elle that's had a date with the scanner for some time now, so long in fact, that the same (very similar) article has made a reappearance in this month's issue. I think that's telling me to get my ass in gear and scan the damn thing. I'll include it, them, in a step-by-step photo tutorial on, dare I say it, the first post for my fashion blog (I haven't forgotten about you baby, I pwomise). Now here's where I try and justify not having written there yet, but the truth is, I've just been so busy - back at Uni, Bad to the Bone etc. etc. You know how it is. 

GPOY's, and we're done...
Until next time, my friends.

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